Fusion Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts

Fusion means “the blending together so that the component parts are not distinguishable”. Brian Hill has named his school this because it is a blend of all the different styles that make up Mixed Martial Arts!

Fusion is a complete training facility located in Marietta, Georgia for both adults and kids.

* Adult Mixed Martial Arts

* Mighty Mixed Martial Arts (ages 4-8)

* Youth Mixed Martial Arts (ages 8 and above)

* Fusion Fit (Fitness Interval Training)

* Adult MMA Striking and Conditioning

* Private Lessons and Personal Training

* Ladies only  “NOT ME…NOT EVER” Self Defense classes

* Youth and Adult Sport Specific Video Coaching

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in our country. It may be more demanding and more diverse than any one style of the martial arts. Learn the strategies of the Pros, while getting real-life experience in self defense. These programs will get you in the best shape of your life!

Men , Women, and Children = Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Amateur, and Pro Fighters Welcome

The  impact of learning the art of self defense and physical fitness carries a person a lot further than that of the training facility. These programs are very different from each other, but the core is the same! It is to instill confidence, personal protection, physical fitness and to meet each person’s individual goals!